the long long grind of a boot up

  jack 14:27 14 Nov 04

This has been mentioned before I air it again to see if any new thoughts are are out there.

When starting [from any situation cold/reboot/hibedrnate] After P.O.S.T
Finding boot record - IDE - OK
There begins along hard drive grind of varing lenghth before the start/resume progress bar.

This seems to have comne about after installing a program called Inellistor associated with an external drive. It was uninstalled because XP and it did not get on.
A chum has exactly the same problem . Install
Intellistore and the long grind boot up.

All manner of disk cleaning etc has not afftected a cure.

In my mind as this is happening before Windoze
wakes up it could be a disk problem
But not it seems an ailing disk.

Any thoughts?

  ACOLYTE 14:37 14 Nov 04

Try starting in safe mode as only basic drivers are loaded then,then look in msconfig for things that start up with windows try unchecking what you dont need or dont recognise and then restart normally see if it speeds up you can eliminate the cause one by one if it helps.You could always try a system restore back before the software was installed if you have one.

  Gongoozler 14:39 14 Nov 04

Hav eyou tried a System Restore to before Intellistore was installed?

  jack 20:57 14 Nov 04

Thanx acolyte
The grind occurs after boot record and before
start/resume progress bar as stated
Safe Mode -F8 kicks in between those 2
So long grind ends -pause - windoze loads progress bar F8 kicks in at Pause. then safe mode.

Thanx Gongooler [what does that mean?]
this business predates current range of
restore points.

Keep at it guys

  Gongoozler 09:34 15 Nov 04


click here
click here

  vinnyT 12:22 15 Nov 04

I would have a look in your config.sys & autoexec.bat files, start run msconfig, and see if this Intellistore is mentioned in any of the lines. If it is, them rem the line to make the boot process ignore it, ie. c:\Intellistore\Intellistore.exe would become rem c:\Intellistore\Intellistore.exe.

Hope this helps.

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