Long Delay when launching apps or opening folders

  Evolution 14:47 15 Nov 08


Any attempt to launch applications or access folders takes an age on my daughter's laptop. XP Home, SP3)

I've run Norton AV (and did find and remove trojan.wimad), Adaware, Crapcleaner, Registry Cleaner Pro, Spybot S&D etc hoping to find and flush out any rubbish but, despite some success, still the problem persists.

I've also defragged the hard drive, which still has 50% capacity.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



  mgmcc 15:03 15 Nov 08

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del), select the Processes tab and see if anything is using an excessively high percentage of CPU resources. Normally, if the computer isn't doing anything, the "System Idle" process should be over 90%. If something else has a high percentage, that could indicate a problem and the reason for the slow response to opening applications or folders.

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