Logs folder containing 'cpu' file?

  ptrafc 23:27 10 Aug 05

I've recently started getting a folder in my desktop called 'Logs'. Inside thise there's a notepad file called 'cpu'. When I open this I get info like:
8/10 18:18:35.843 vendor: 2
8/10 18:18:35.843 features: 0000000F
8/10 18:18:35.843 sockets: 1
8/10 18:18:35.843 cores: 1
8/10 18:18:35.843 processors: 1
8/10 18:18:35.843 chip = AuthenticAMD
8/10 18:18:35.843 standard (1): 1b=00000000 1d=0383fbff 4a=00000000
8/10 18:18:35.843 extended (8): 1c=00000000 1d=c1c3fbff 4a=00000000 8c=00000000
This info seems to be updated, but not as soon as I log on.
I've tried to delete this but it returns itself.
Any ideas how to get rid/what causes this?
Thanx in advance.

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