Logitech products and computer sleep

  Peter Lanky 07 Jul 13

Is there any way to stop Logitech keyboards and mice using a unifying receiver from randomly waking my PC? I realise there is the option to switch of the 'allow this device to wake the computer' for all instances of the keyboard and mouse appearing in control panel (as well as the network card), but this sort of defeats the object as I would have to reach to the slightly inaccessible computer to wake from the power button.

Using Windows 8 64.

  northumbria61 08 Jul 13

Hi Peter - had a brief read of this but it doesn't appear possible.enter link description here But have a read through it -you may just find something.

  Peter Lanky 08 Jul 13

I've had a good read through that, and most of it unfortunately looks all too familiar, particularly Logitech's seeming lack of desire to take any responsibility.

  northumbria61 08 Jul 13

There's nothing straightforward with computers Peter.

  Peter Lanky 10 Jul 13

I'm thinking of replacing the keyboard/mouse with a different one. Anyone know a combination that definitely does not wake the computer in this way?

  northumbria61 10 Jul 13

I am doubtful that you will find one Peter as they pretty much all work the same way. Someone may know otherwise and correct me. Good luck.


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