logitech pro4000/5000 software

  FUl2tiV3 17:11 26 Aug 06

an earlier discussion re software provided by manufacturers got me thinking about this....

i have a logitech pro4000. will the software for the pro5000 work with it? the blurb just says 'This release is intended for....pro 5000', it doesn't say it won't work! at the moment i only have the driver installed not the logitech utility/software. the models are very similar. face tracking etc.

quite why i want to add cartoon hats and glasses to my webcam image, is another issue altoghether. has anyone tried it out/ got it up and running already?

logitech pro4000 page: click here
logitech pro5000 page:click here

  James. 17:19 26 Aug 06

My opinion is that if it would work with your camera it would be on the download page for it.

  FUl2tiV3 17:47 26 Aug 06

of course you're right james. it won't stop me trying it when i get home tho! it is only by breaking things that i learn to repair them. and why this forum is so useful.

it was the word 'intended' that almost seemed to encourage me. although the software wasn't intended for my webcam, might it not still work? can i webcam with cartoon moustache embedded on my happy face!? it will of course save me buying a new webcam, for what will be 5 minutes of peurile entertainment.

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