Logitech LX 710 Mouse

  Angry Kid 08:07 30 Jul 07

Morning everyone,

I wonder if you can help me with a problem.

My mouse batteries are now showing critical, and require changing. There is an icon in my system tray advising me of this.

However, I have changed them, and I am still receiving prompts to change the batteries. Is there something that I have over looked?


Angry ;)

  mitsme 11:09 30 Jul 07

Have you a cordless keyboard too? Try it &
see if it needs batteries also. May work. Let me know how you you get on.


  Angry Kid 21:35 30 Jul 07

Good evening,

I do have the cordless keyboard, however, your idea does not work this time.

I will leave this posting open.

Thanks though

Angry ;)

  Angry Kid 08:19 01 Aug 07

This is beginning to drive me mad :(

I have removed the batteries from the mouse and left it for over 30 mins. Then, I have pressed the connect button on the receiver for around 20 seconds before inserting the batteries into the mouse and quickly pressing 'Connect' for 1-2 seconds.

This procedure is supposed to reset the device. However, at this stage, it has not worked and the batteries are still showing critical!

Does anyone have any further ideas as what to do?

Thanks again.

Angry ;)

  mitsme 10:19 04 Aug 07

Are your batteries rechargeable ones? Is the mouse working? Try reloading the software that came with the mouse with fully charged batteries. I have a battery indicator light on my keyboard, I know that the batteries that I put into my keyboard were brand new & it's never lit up but all works fine.

  Angry Kid 12:38 04 Aug 07

Thanks for your further post.

My batteries have been normal duracell and then Rechargeable and have been fully charged at time of replacing.

I have reinsatllaed the software and connected mouse and keyboard afterwards.. Keyboard works fine but Mouse batteries still say critical.

Currently using a plug in USB mouse at the moment as I believ it may be a faulty mouse. Taking the whole lot back for an exchange this afternoon.

Will post an update if all goes well with new kit.

Thanks again.

Angry ;)

  Angry Kid 14:04 06 Aug 07

I am now closing this post as new kit working fine.

Angry ;)

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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