logitech cordless mouse

  Cooter 18:54 19 Nov 03

hi, i have had my logitech cordless mouse for over a year now so i thought it may be time to try and sort out why it isnt a smooth scroller? scrolling is sickeningly jerky and always has been. why? any ideas?

  LAP 19:10 19 Nov 03

Have you tried moving the 'receiver' to a different position. I had problems to start with due to interference.

  porci 19:10 19 Nov 03

Have you tried to optimise your settings and download the latest drivers from Logitech? Mine isnt jerky at all

  levyo1 19:14 19 Nov 03

same here,as porci, logitech very easy site, loads of dloads

  Cooter 19:15 19 Nov 03

the thing is guys my scroll wheel does actually click round rather than roll. strange or wot? and ermm where can i get the latest drivers for this mouse? thanx

  porci 19:24 19 Nov 03

Cooter - try click here. Yes the scroll does have tiny clicks in it. I think it is because you can setup the scroll wheel to move one - five lines per scroll or something. The latest drivers are really good and if you have the matching keyboard its drivers are even better as is the software

  porci 19:25 19 Nov 03

To be more specific click here

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