Logitech Cordless Mice X 2...

  loser4 12:53 18 Nov 05

Hi there...

RE : Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mice X 2.

After much deliberation I have decided to plump for this 11 button mouse that doubles up as a remote control for Windows Media Player. It sells for around £26-£30 online.

My question is this; Can I have 2 of these mice on my home-network WITHOUT one mouse movement interfering with the others. I have 2 PC's side by side on 1 large desk and am concerned that the mice and there receivers will get confused with each another !

Can I configure a different frequency for each mouse and therefore ensure there are no conflicts ?

...Or, do I have to buy 2 different mice from Logitech ( or 2 different manufacturers ? ) to guarantee each mouse will work independently ?

All advice welcome.

Thanks in advance :)



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