Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

  KCR 11:03 06 Feb 04

Anyone had problems with these systems ? Intermittently my mouse stops responding (batteries ok) but this is sometimes cured by reinstalling the software (I am not downloading anything else) so I don't know what causes the problem. Once that is cured the keyboard still works except for the volume control/email etc shortcuts ! Cannot fathom why they don't work (they are not reset as there is no ability to reassign new commands to them!)

If anyone else has suffered these same problems I would be grateful for their hints/fixes

Thanks as always

  pinnicat 11:13 06 Feb 04

this product was the first cordless set-up i bought after buying pc from new. it performed the same tricks that you are experiencing, and most of the time "failed to grab" on the mat.
eventually so fed up with it, and yes keyboard was fine, i sacked it.
i was fortunaye enough to spot acordless optical set-up in "computer world" for only £25. and whilst it heavy on batteries and the key board is a little "gritty" the mouse performs superbly.
beware battery drain though as when they are low, the mouse takes on a mind of it's own .
as for the old one...gave it a mate and he's had no problems...must be us...
all the best

  SEASHANTY 15:41 06 Feb 04

Is it caused by the position of the receptor. That
little box that you put you somewhere to the right or left of your operating position. Both the keyboard and mouse need to acces this box to get the I/R signal through to the PC. And also is there not a button to press on this if things are not working
correctly? This is the box that connects with the
green and purple PS2 adaptors into the back of the PC.

  KCR 15:53 06 Feb 04


This is (unfortunately) not the problem. Some of the keyboard functions work but not others !(i.e. shortcuts). and the I.R. port which connects to the computer is 12 inches from the mouse.

  westdudes 15:54 06 Feb 04

yea....seashanty is right....i have the same problem sometimes when i bought mine.

the i/r signals aint the best sometimes but can be sorted by pressing the connect buttons...also whenever the mouse aint responding on mine....i never have to reinstall the software..just restart the comp and it should work.but thats just a suggestion.

  westdudes 15:56 06 Feb 04

sorry kcr i replied at same time u added a response so didnt see you message! LOL

  bebbo 15:57 06 Feb 04

Which operating system r u using? i found i had to download new drivers after upgrading to XP.

  westdudes 15:58 06 Feb 04

have you set the functions up in the i touch confuration??if not then its on start menu, all programs, logitech, itouch, itouch configuration.

just seeing if you have that option..if not maybe all the software hasnt been installed??

  KCR 16:01 06 Feb 04

Using XP. It was working but then stopped (I wasn't downloading anything between the time it was working and the time it wasn't).

I think you are right must be a set-up issue as reinstalling cured the mouse problems but not the keyboard one ! Will try reconfiguring the keyboard shortcuts again tonight - thanks for the help.

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