Logging in to P.C.Advisor

  Migwell 22:57 05 Oct 08

Has something changed as I now seem to need to log in each time I want to connect to tha PCA Helproom forum. I never had to do this in the past, I just left my connection logged in all the time and could get straight on from a link in my favourtites.

  User-1229748 23:02 05 Oct 08

click my profile top right

  Belatucadrus 23:10 05 Oct 08

Have you got something like CCleaner deleting cookies ?

  Migwell 23:19 05 Oct 08

I have the tick in the box keep me logged in unless I log out.

I have Reg Mechanic and Reg Cure, I also have Super anti spyware. I havn't used CC cleaner for quite some time but it is on the computer.

  Batch 08:59 06 Oct 08

I use a link in the following style which logs me in automatically regardless:

click here

where REGISTERED_EMAIL_ADDRESS is my email address and PASSWORD is my password.

  birdface 09:07 06 Oct 08

Do you have the paid version of Reg Cure.If not maybe remove it as it has been known to cause problems.click here this from just one sight.C Cleaner is free and will probably do a better job.Maybe remove the link that you have on your favorites and download a new one from the Web.

  birdface 09:13 06 Oct 08

Oops spelling getting worse.Should be site and not sight.Or just double click on where you add your email address and it should appear.

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