Logging onto amazon.co.uk

  Adelphos 13:54 28 Nov 05

I can't log on to amazon.co.uk (or amazon.com - but I can get onto amazon.de).
I get a message: "The connection was refused when attempting to contact click here".
I'm using Norton Internet Security for my firewall but even if I turn off the firewall I can't get on.
Anybody any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 14:38 28 Nov 05

Have a look for a file called "hosts" - no extension.

Open it with notepad and see if Amazon is mentioned in it.

  Adelphos 19:31 28 Nov 05

Thanks, Diodorus.. in fact I found an earlier Help response on this subject that also suggested finding "Hosts" and renaming it. This I have done and I can now access Amazon. Is there any problem now likely to occur as a result of renaming Hosts?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:06 28 Nov 05

The hosts file is the one that tells windows (and other operating systems) where to find a network address.

If you delete it, windows will give you a clean one that has no entries so you will have no problems getting connected.

I use a modified hosts file to block ad servers which gives a cleaner page and faster loading sites.

What is the Hosts file?
click here

  Adelphos 22:40 28 Nov 05

Thanks so much Diodorus. So should I delete the Hosts file, rather than rename it, as I have done? I just need to be sure!

  Diodorus Siculus 23:00 28 Nov 05

renaming is fine.

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