log on rejecred on desk top but ok on the tablet

  SparkyJack 19:20 28 Aug 12

Earlir logging on with desktop failed mant times. So much so I re registered. But loggig on on the tablet as now was fine.

The desk top failures prompted me to re register. This has happened before so that now I three I/Ds here

Why does this happen? Is it the computer or the web site playing tricks?

  johnnyrocker 19:25 28 Aug 12

i was told in an answer to my problem was in the server area of PCA, today seems ok so i would think they found the prob


  Woolwell 19:30 28 Aug 12

I've had numerous problems with this site over the last few days. Unable to access the site and unable to log in. Don't re-register as it is almost certainly a problem with PCA and will eventually sort itself out.

This site seems to have more than its fair share of snags and it is about time it was permanently fixed.

  Nontek 20:04 28 Aug 12

Not a Virgin Media problem, I am experiencing the same over the last day or so and I have BT Infinity.

As Woolwell says, don't re-register, just wait a while.

  SparkyJack 06:46 29 Aug 12

Thank you one and all,glad to know it was not just and my machine. Comiserations to the PCA team


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