log-in to pay pal (Norton)

  scooter1957 14:44 29 Jun 08

I have had a problem log-in to pay pal. the window comes up with. THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH THIS WEBSITE SECURITY CERTIFICAT. I have found out it is to do with Norton 360.
if i go in to advanced settings
undo tick on transaction
it will let me in to pay pal is there any way round this
Cheers Alan

  €dstowe 14:53 29 Jun 08

Ditch the pestilential Norton software and get something more user friendly in its place.

  tullie 14:54 29 Jun 08

Only thing i can suggest,because i dot know,is to get rid of Norton and install Avast or AVG.Also suggest that you tick this as resolved and stick with original thread

  Switcher 15:31 29 Jun 08

check th date and time on your own PC

  tullie 16:01 29 Jun 08


  MAT ALAN 16:27 29 Jun 08

click here

this may help...

  Switcher 16:52 29 Jun 08

I was suggesting to Scooter to check the date on his PC because if that is wrong it can throw up problems re certifictes. That may not be the problem in this case but is worth checking.

  MAT ALAN 17:04 29 Jun 08

I had already suggested that in his other post on this subject (naughty) and of course you are right Switcher, a lot of people overlook this...

  Switcher 17:14 29 Jun 08

Mat Alan Naughty right enough, I hadn't reached that one yet. I was responding to Tullie's rather laconc "who" in cae of misunderstanding

  MAT ALAN 17:23 29 Jun 08

If the fix in the link does not work i'm stuffed, but i'm sure it will....

  scooter1957 18:16 29 Jun 08

Hi mat and all i tried what you said but it still will not work i have sent a email to Norton to see if they can help i will let you no what they
say Thanks for all your help out there
Cheers scooter (Alan)

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