Log Out Problems

  morddwyd 19:22 28 Mar 15

I posted this earlier today but it seems to have disappeared, so my apologies if this appears to be a duplicate.

My "Log Out" button seems to have gone.

Has it been moved or disguised somewhere?

At the moment I can't log out of the site

  wee eddie 19:27 28 Mar 15

Why would you want to?

  bumpkin 19:51 28 Mar 15

Click the close box then.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 28 Mar 15
  bumpkin 21:48 28 Mar 15

You must have been logged in to be able to post but I have found that sometimes I am logged out for no apparent reason and then there will not be the log out option. If no log out option you may have to sign in next time.

  bumpkin 22:54 28 Mar 15

morddwyd, do you have sign in showing? if not then the log out option may not be visible if you have altered the display in any way i.e. it is off the side of the screen. Try holding the Ctrl key down and scrolling with the mouse.

  morddwyd 08:54 29 Mar 15

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Clicking the close box simply closes the window, it doesn't log me out.

FB doesn't appear on the Homepage either.

Browser is Firefox.

Refreshing makes no difference.

Bumpkin - as you may recall Have various accessibility options enabled because of vision problems, so the display is modified, but it has not been changed recently. I am used to some things not being available, like the preview box, the format options and the green tick, but log out has always still been there in the past. It has only disappeared recently which is why I wondered if it had been moved.

  wee eddie 21:31 29 Mar 15

I ask again. Why log out? Just close the Window and get on with life. When you return, all your settings should be unchanged

  bumpkin 21:44 29 Mar 15

wee eddie, my point exactly.

  lotvic 22:43 29 Mar 15

I'm another one that never logs out, and I have the cookie saved (clicked the 'remember me' when first logged in ages ago) so never have to log in as well.

If I clear my cookies, then next time I visit I have to log in again.

  john bunyan 08:23 30 Mar 15

If you run CCleaner, it logs you out as well as clearing out other stuff.

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