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  podlod 26 Apr 11

Hi, problem being is that when I start my pc to use, I find that my mouse arrow when I click on an icon refuses to administer whatever I wish to start, and when I point the mouse at my taskbar, the hour glass appears. I switch off the computer by the button, switch on again and the pc is ok, and it performs this action every time I start my computer? Any ideas please.

  mgmcc 26 Apr 11

It sounds as though, when you are clicking the icons, the PC hasn't completed booting and loading those applications which start automatically. The 'hourglass' on the Taskbar would support the fact that some background process is still running. Try checking which applications start automatically on booting and disable any that don't need to be started - look in msconfig and the Startup folders.

  podlod 26 Apr 11

Hi mgmcc, if that is the case, why does everything commence to start in approx 10 secs when I re-start a second time after shutting down prior originaly?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 Apr 11

Op system?

Do a repair

  podlod 29 Apr 11

Hi, thanks for all your help.

  buteman 29 Apr 11

Hi podlod i have a new computer which goes like that. I have found that sometimes I am not pressing the start button in firmly enough so when it starts it is extremely sluggish. A reboot and holding the start button in a bit longer or a bit firmer sorts it out. Saying a reboot I have to close the computer down first before pressing the start button if I do a restart it just does the same again. maybe try ipconfig /flushdns in command prompt and press enter on your keypad may sort it out.I t will tell you that the dns cache has been flushed if so reboot and see if it makes any difference. it is a Medion computer that I have just wondering if yours is the same.

  podlod 01 May 11

Hi, thanks for all your replies, I am now going to commence in starting.


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