Locking files & folders in Windows 7

  tallboy 18:21 09 Dec 09

When my new PC was set up by my supplier (Eclipse Computers) my personal files folders were on drive C: and were in a 'padlocked' folder, so that other users who logged on could not see them.

For ease of backing up, I have now created a new data partition and have moved all my data files to this using the 'Move' function in the Properties / location tab. However, the folders & files are now viewable by all users.

How do I restore the 'padlock' to the moved folders / files? (i.e. make them so only I can view them.)

I can do it on my old XP machine, but so far I haven't found a way to do it in Windows 7. (I was hoping to be able to do it via the security tab, but I can't see a way to do it.)

If it can be done, please let me know.



  GaT7 18:33 09 Dec 09

Can't think of this feature being natively present in XP (unlike Vista/7 click here), but I use the very capable & free TrueCrypt to do this click here. G

  tallboy 20:41 09 Dec 09

Thanks for the quick response Crossbow7.

The feature wasn't native in XP - you have to do some 'juggling' in safe Mode and then return to Normal Mode (See click here).

I ran through the article from the link you gave and noted that 'Deny' takes precedence over 'Allow' In my window there are four types of users:

Authenticated Users
Me (as User)

If I 'Deny' Authenticated users won't that also Deny me? (Since I will need to be Authenticated to be logged on)

Obviously I can't set the others to Deny. If Authenticated Users covers everyone else except me, that that should do it. Please clarify. (If you know that is)

I also took a look at TrueCrypt. I'll use that for the most sensive data.

Thanks for your help.

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