Locked system file check

  pienter 19:51 10 Feb 03

Using Windows 98 plus updates I find that attempts at checking for corrupted system files by means of System Checker are blocked with the message that 'C:\Windows\System\Precopy is locked', even when all other programmes are shut down. I recently reinstalled Windows 98 over the existing setup and found, to my relief, that System Checker was no longer blocked. Now the error message has reappeared. Can anyone suggest the cause and solution and where is Precopy anyway? It doesn't appear among the files listed under Windows\System.

  spikeychris 20:02 10 Feb 03

Do you have Norton AV or Norton Utilities
open. Close the applications on your taskbar one by one until SFC will run.


  pienter 21:08 10 Feb 03

Thanks SpikeyChris.
Tried that, with the only things left running being Explorer, Systray and Rnaapp, even the Task Scheduler paused. Still no joy. Precopy remains locked.

  spikeychris 21:27 10 Feb 03

Run a search for precopy (include hidden files) what have you got?

  pienter 22:52 10 Feb 03


An all file search showed no sign of a file called Precopy anywhere.

  spikeychris 10:34 11 Feb 03

Type this into run and hit enter


What happens


  pienter 16:12 11 Feb 03


Message comes back 'Cannot find C:\windows\system\precopy (or one of its components) Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available'

  spikeychris 13:22 12 Feb 03

It's a strange one and I've looked all over for an answer. There are lots of references to C:\windows\system\precopy but not many with an answer concerning being locked.

Your commemnts "I recently reinstalled Windows 98 over the existing setup and found, to my relief, that System Checker was no longer blocked. Now the error message has reappeared" What did you add or remove, install, upgrade etc: that might of caused this to lock the system?

Where did you install your copy of Windows.


  pienter 22:29 12 Feb 03


Windows 98 is installed on my single harddisk within the one and only partition. I first encountered the Precopy phenomenon on my old harddisk which crashed and was replaced in November. With the new setup Precopy reappeared and then disappeared again which is why I tried loading Win98 over the existing installation to 'refresh' the files. As I said, it succeeded only for Precopy to disappear again. What have you been able to discover about Precopy as I haven't found any references and the fact that it is untraceable on the machine even among hidden files is puzzling.


  spikeychris 18:41 13 Feb 03

I hate having to just post a link to a search engine but there doesn't seem to be one that applies to you. I just don't understand how it could appear then disappear. Might be a case for Mr Mulder and co :o) good luck and if you ever do find out whats out there then let me know..

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