locked memory stick- how to unlock?

  SparkyJack 28 Jan 12

One of my flock passed to me a memory stick called Istar-8.4 Gb which has a built in security software.- it appears to have got 'itself' locked and when the soft ware screen display comes up the 'unlock' button and password field remain greyed out.

This is of course a Windows item- and as I run Ubuntu- there is nothing I can do to poke around.

Any ideas please.

  Nontek 28 Jan 12

I don't think there is any such item as a Istar-8.4Gb memory stick - or at least not according to Google!

  rawprawn 28 Jan 12

Format it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 Jan 12
  heymin 28 Jan 12
  pompyx 28 Jan 12

My Sandisk cruisers are the same, if it is locked you will have to first unlock it with a Windows O/S, then Ubuntu can read it.

  SparkyJack 29 Jan 12

Thank you Fruitbat for the Tech salsa link - this may prove useful

Pompyx and Haymin

Thank you for yours but I am not particularly interested in opening the item via Ubuntu The memory is owned by a Windoze user- that is what I am trying to ascertain. But will test the Ubuntu route - you never know it may happen to somkething of mine- one day.

  pompyx 29 Jan 12

The Scandisk for example only allows 3 attempts to open it, if the Istar-8.4 Gb has the same type of security it will then lock up. I think, as has already been suggested by Rawprawn, it will have to be Re-formatted.


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