locked home page anger

  Cessna 11:20 11 Dec 06

just downloaded IE7 and was disturbed to find it had locked my home page to msn.com. i can change it in the tools/internet options/ section to yahoo. but once applied and closed it resets to msn again. i have tried using the link at the top of yahoo to make this your home page. it doesnt.

so i uninstalled ie7 and went back to ie6. but it still has msn locked as my home page.

ran ad aware on the system. it found a few usual suspect stuff, which are now gone. but still msn.com is set as the home page.

any ideas??

  Technotiger 11:22 11 Dec 06

Hi, now that you IE6 back, you should be able to reset your home page in the normal way via Tools>Internet Options


  Cessna 11:28 11 Dec 06

No. it still wont let me change it from msn. well it lets me change it. but once its applied and the options opened again it has reset itself to click here

some sort of redirection bug....??

  Technotiger 11:33 11 Dec 06

Try putting ... Use Blank, see what that comes up with. I think you can then go to your own choice Home Page and in Tools>Int Opts choose Use Current.

  rawprawn 11:36 11 Dec 06

I suspect that your home page is locked by one of your security programs, Spybot for example or maybe Norton. Something like that anyway.

  anskyber 11:43 11 Dec 06

You are not alone, so its woth keeping an eye on this click here

  VoG II 12:02 11 Dec 06

Ad-aware, Spybot and Zone Alarm can all do this.

  keith-236785 12:23 11 Dec 06

could this be MSN actually changing the page back each time, have you checked the settings on MSN to see if there is a "set the homepage to MSN" option that is ticked?

i think along the lines of the others regarding the security bit but its worth checking MSN's options.

  keith-236785 12:44 11 Dec 06

i use homepage guard to stop my home page from being altered by another program BUT i can still change it myself,

such a shame we have to have so much security on our systems but thats the way it is.

  keef66 14:59 11 Dec 06

When I downloaded IE7 I was irritated by having MSN set as my homepage. I'm not sure why; but it felt just like having my familiar, worn, comfortable slippers stolen.
I think I changed it back by going to my usual homepage and then doing as Technotiger suggested, selecting internet options / homepage / use current.

That seems to have stuck.

  rawprawn 17:24 11 Dec 06

F-Secure locks mine, I assume that Norton and McAfee plus other similar programs will do the same.

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