lock the pc clock?

  pittza 07:45 21 Sep 08

Hi, Is there any way of locking the pc clock with say a password?, the reason being that I have been using blue coat K9 web protection and setting a time ban of 9.30 pm to make sure my children are off the pc buy then but I am sure they are just altering the pc time to get around this! any ideas please? Thanks.

  NewestRoyWidd1 09:21 21 Sep 08

Which O/S have you got?Having googled your request it seems that you need to set things so only you have Administrator priveleges on the pc,therefore once done,the clock time etc.can only be altered by you.
Hope this at least starts things off until more knowledgable members reply.

  NewestRoyWidd1 09:24 21 Sep 08

Apologies,I forgot to include this click here

  Marko797 15:58 21 Sep 08

sorry but this made me smile...the ingenuity & determination of kids

  Condom 19:16 21 Sep 08

Yes they are very ingenious. Same trick used to be used by PC users to stop time limited programs from expiring in olden Win 3.1 days. I wonder if that still works?

  Joe R 19:55 21 Sep 08


the same thing was still being used, with the aid of a registry fix, in Win98.

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