lock up

  pager 15:33 01 Mar 04

computer keeps freezing nothing works have to switch off at base unit and reboot any ideas running xp professional

  expertec 15:35 01 Mar 04

What's the system spec, Motherboard, RAM, processor etc??

Have you done a virus check or a spyware check?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 15:35 01 Mar 04

More info would be good,as just freeze and switch off dont give us a lot to go on,any errors? popup boxes,whats running in background that could cause a freeze.


  pager 15:54 01 Mar 04

athlon 2600 512 ram motherboard asrock K7VM2 stops any time no errors reported no virus system 3 mths old when freezes no keys work or mouse when system reboots no reports of improper shut down system works as normal till next freeze

  expertec 15:58 01 Mar 04

Download these two programs: Spybot click here and Ad-Aware click here update them fully and scan with both of them (one after the other, not at the same time ;-)

  pager 16:36 01 Mar 04

sorry which program on spybot and which program on AD-Aware

  expertec 17:00 01 Mar 04

Spybot Search & Destroy click here

Ad-Aware 6 Standard Edition click here

  expertec 17:02 01 Mar 04

For Spybot S&D go to Download link st the left hand side of the page

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