loading software in Linux

  jon2 13:37 PM 28 Oct 11

I am new to Linux and would like to know in simple terms how to load third party software, I have Ubuntu running on my machine.

  LastChip 13:38 PM 28 Oct 11

What do you mean by third party software?

  jon2 13:43 PM 28 Oct 11

I mean software that is not from the Linux vault so to speak

  bluesbrother 13:57 PM 28 Oct 11

It depends on which version of linux you have. If you have a look on their web pages you will find "how to's"

For example Ubuntu Adding a software repository

  LastChip 13:57 PM 28 Oct 11

Can you be more specific? You're asking a question that has many forms of answer.

Are you talking about running Windows software? Are you talking about installing from source? Do you mean using different repositories?

The question is too vague to answer.

  bluesbrother 14:09 PM 28 Oct 11

Should have said the Ubuntu example above was for 10.04 later versions may be different. Links to versions 8.04 to 11.10 can be found here Official Ubuntu Documentation


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