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  Retiredidiot 11:49 01 Jun 07

I am trying to understand the software process in PC's. If you have a PC with sufficient memory, when you open a program, such as Photoshop, is the whole program loaded into memory or only parts of it that are required to run? Once the program is opened is the hard drive used at all (apart from storing images)?

  johndrew 15:41 01 Jun 07

In an attempt to help I offer these links which tell you how PCs work and much more. Hope they do the job.
click here
click here

as i understand it, the more ram you have, the less the cpu uses the hard drive, the hard drive is slower than ram so this, in turn makes the pc faster. i play a game thats 6 gigabyte in size, and with my ram a lot less than that, no the whole program isnt loaded, just whats needed.

  Retiredidiot 00:59 02 Jun 07

Thanks for the mails. I read "How Computers Work" on the website John pointed me to, and I have a better understanding now. As Adman says, it seems that the PC only has to go to the hard disk when it runs out of RAM.

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