Loading AVG free version

  blackjohn 10:51 21 May 04

I have tried loading AVG,and get the following error messages.
Cannot find COMMDLG.DLL (I have checked and it does exist on my m/c)
"Can't run 16 bit windows Program" plus cannot find c:\docume~1\xpuser~1\locals\temp\wzs2a.tmp\setup.exe.

I have downloaded the AVWINSFX.EXE file onto a USB mass storage device @ the public library which uses 2000.

My m/c is using XP professional.

The only suggestion that I could find from the AVG site is that if there is any other exe files before the AVG one that this could cause problems loading. I therefore transferred it onto a CD as the only exe file, but still had the same problem

any help would be appreciated

  IClaudio 19:02 21 May 04

you should be looking for a file called something like this: avg6524fu_free.exe, which is the name of the latest version I got.

It's about 6Meg

  Taran 19:26 21 May 04

What has me more than a bit curious is how you managed to get AVWINSFX.EXE and not avg6524fu_free.exe

AVWINSFX.EXE click here or click here for the English version of the site, is not AVG.

AVG is a different product entirely and can be dowloaded from the parent site click here but make sure you select the free version to try it.

  blackjohn 10:46 25 May 04

Apologies in being slow to respond to IClaudio & Taran, but have been on an extended weekend.

Taran the version AVWINSFX.EXE was from click here and they sent me an automatic e mail giving me the serial number to enter.

I originally used a HELPROOM thread which was about free Antivirus software.

I will try again with the AVG site

  Stuartli 13:36 25 May 04

This may help you;

click here

You are on the Grisoft website, but may be either downloading the wrong version or for the wrong OS version or (given your downloading circumstances) the wrong environment..:-)

  Stuartli 13:49 25 May 04

The link I provided above has a completely different interface to the AVG free edition - you've not been downloading the pay for version by any chance?

  blackjohn 10:39 27 May 04

no i have re-tried on monday and got avg6688fu-free.exe, and received exactly the same error messages as originally stated.

PS I think i got the reference AVWINSFX from one of the e mails from grisoft acknowledging my download request, but i have definetly downloaded the free version in both cases.

  hugh-265156 11:27 27 May 04

someone else with the same error click here=

have you tried booting into safe mode and trying to install avg from here maybe?

  hugh-265156 11:28 27 May 04

also maybe try clicking start/run and type sfc /scannow and insert the windows cdrom if prompted to do so to fix missing or damaged system files.

  Belatucadrus 14:06 27 May 04

Alternatively forget AVG and click here

  blackjohn 10:58 28 May 04

Thanks huggyg71 i notice that she is trying to uninstall AVG and getting the error message

I,m a bit loathe to trying sfc/scannow- perhaps its the fear of the unknown & the fact there doesn't seem to be any other problem with the m/c, which is used extensively for photography & music editing.

Also as I have said in the original thread COMMDLG.DLL is in the system

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