load click on start up?

  Roy* 11:52 20 Feb 08

My PC's makes a load clicking sound when you switch it on for around 20 seconds then is quite again once it's completed loading up. I replaced the hard drive over a year ago, could it be due to being cold at start up or could it be on it's way out? The hard drive works fine at the moment.

  Diemmess 12:02 20 Feb 08

If you want to poke around inside, then try disconnecting the power lead to your HD.

The computer will fail to boot of course, but if the clicking noise has gone then you have confirmed the HD as the source.

It just might be a tired fan.

  Roy* 12:06 20 Feb 08

So if it is the HD clicking on start up is that a potential problem?

  Diemmess 12:17 20 Feb 08

HDs are bound to make some noise with so much whizzing about inside. Even so the noise is very slight and continuous.

HD Clicking is very bad news and time to back up everything before it fails.

clicking noises can be deceptive which is why I suggested disconnecting the power supply as a test.

As I said it might be a fan, and though they can groan or scream they can rattle too if it is a dry or worn bearing and the fan is easily replaced.

Clicks can be from a loose screw rattling as a resonance while things speed up and cause vibrations in the case.

  Roy* 12:34 20 Feb 08

When I replaced the hard drive previously it was making a continuous clicking and freezing the screen. This is at start up, so I take your point may be something else but sound source is in HD area fans are much further away etc.

Anyway thanks I guess I'll do the checks you mentioned to isolate the

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