LNB for satellite viewing.

  Bald Eagle 10:54 03 Dec 10

Not strictly computer I know but I'm sure someone on here can help.

Basically do LNB's "wear out"? Mine is a Sky one that has been up from before the youngsters left home about 15 years ago and I cancelled Sky. I was getting pixelation before this bad weather and have checked the dish orientation. Nothing has moved (marks on the mast etc).

Unfortunately looking at it it is a one off shape ie the mount is rectangular not round so it looks like a new dish and everything if I do change it!!

  grey george 11:24 03 Dec 10

Yes they can fail, if the weather gets into them they die. More info click here

  BRYNIT 12:18 03 Dec 10

LNB's can fail at any time and come in various types. The mount that attaches the LNB to the arm is usually rectangular. LNB's and mounts are usually supplied separately. If you look at the Maplins site it will give you an idea of the prices click here but you may be able to get them cheeper via the web.

Note: check the cable for any faults. Cracked/split cable will let water in causing problems. The F connector at the box or dish can become loose also causing this problem and last the box can also fail.

  Poitier 14:52 03 Dec 10

A very small movement can make a big difference.There will be a built in signal strength with which you can check/adjust the dish if it is accessable .Sometimes a tree can grow into the line of sight reducing the signal strength.

  Bald Eagle 15:34 03 Dec 10

Thanks for the info so far. Late reply due to dentist visit. Molar out next Tuesday!!!

  woodchip 15:52 03 Dec 10

Check all connections as if rain gets in corrosion starts

  woodchip 15:53 03 Dec 10

If necessary remake all joints

  BBW 16:19 04 Dec 10

It's possible to purchase the round base type LNB's with adapators for the sky assembly, from Ebay. I purchased a TWO outlet. One for the kitchen and one for the living room.

  woodchip 16:30 04 Dec 10

You can get new ones from Maplins

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