LiveUpdate for Norton Utilities

When I attempt to use LiveUpdate to obtain the latest anti-virus files the programme does not list all the Symantec products on my PC. In particular it does not list Norton Anti-Virus.

The only programmes listed are “LiveReg” and LiveUpdate”.

This means that I have to obtain the full anti-virus file from the Symantec web site (2 or 3 MB) each week.

Can anyone help me to get back the full functionality of LiveUpdate?

  JoeC 15:15 06 Feb 03

think that an unstall / reinstall of the Utilities is the answer. Ctrl-Alt-Del everything except systray and explorer before doing so. 2 or 3 MB of antivirus files each week is exceptional. I usually get around 300 - 400 KB weekly. Norton products seem to benefit from an uninstall / reinstall.

  Stuartli 16:41 06 Feb 03

Has your updates subscription period finished?

On the other hand, if you have recently renewed it, it takes about a week or 10 days before LiveUpdate begins to work properly again - at least it did in my case.

It used to take around five or six minutes before the download would commence - now it's all over in under 30 seconds on my 56k connection if there are no virus updates.

The reinstall has done the trick.

I did try this before, but I think I overlooked unintalling all elements of SystemWorks. You have to uninstall LiveUpdate and LiveReg individually.

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