Live mail not working

  newmananddora 04 Aug 11

I have W7 and Windowa Live mail. Suddenly I can receive Email but not send it. I have tried Restore point and deleted Live mail and restored it but it's just the same. Any ideas,please?

  johndrew 04 Aug 11

Have you changed any security settings?

Have you added or replaced and security software?

Have you changed your modem/router?

Have you changed your firewall settings?

  newmananddora 04 Aug 11

No,to all of those

  rdave13 04 Aug 11

If you go to programs and features click on Windows Live Essentials and select uninstall/Change. In the opening box select repair all Windows Live programs.

Once successful then reboot to see if working.

  Secret-Squirrel 04 Aug 11

"I can receive Email but not send it"

Do you get an error message? If so, left-click once on the error text then right-click and select "Copy". Paste the error into your reply. If it contains personal details such as an e-mail address then you can remove that info.

Lastly, who's your e-mail provider (the part of your e-mail address after the @) and which ISP is providing your broadband connection?

  newmananddora 05 Aug 11

I did as you say and went to Windows Live essentials but it made no difference. My ISP is Orange

  newmananddora 05 Aug 11

I,m getting a very long message that starts with

Failed to initialize shared canvas system IO file not found

  Secret-Squirrel 05 Aug 11

*"I,m getting a very long message that starts with Failed to initialize shared canvas system IO file not found "*

Ah, that's a program-failure error rather than an e-mail-failure one so you can't copy 'n' paste the message - sorry for any confusion.

I've Googled your error and found that a System Restore or an uninstall/reinstall seems to fix the problem. However, I see that you've done all that and more so I'm out of ideas at the moment - I'll see if I can find something else for you to try.

  rdave13 05 Aug 11

If you need to uninstall then one suggestion is to use Revo to uninstall all of windows live essentials,Revo free

Use the advanced mode, select all. You will need to reboot and install windows live essentials, all the components you use, again.

  newmananddora 05 Aug 11

Well the mystery deepens. I now understand that the fault might lie with a Microsoft update KB2520039 so I looked it up and could not find it. Then I deleted Live Mail using Revo, in fact and reinstalled Live Mail but now it will not appear at all. I've given up pn the pesky thing and installed Incredimail which work fine and a butler tells me when mail has arrived. Thanks for all help


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