Live Mail disappeared from Start menu and desktop

  Channel 16 Feb 13

I have an icon for Windows Live Mail in the taskbar (Windows7) but it doesn't appear either in the Start Menu or on the Desktop.I can't copy it from the taskbar, and when I accidentally unpinned it from there,the only way I could access the mail again was by System Restore.Is there some way I can get it in the Start Menu and on the Desktop ?

  Bris 16 Feb 13

Try this.

Right click on the icon in the task bar then "send to" then "desktop (create shortcut)". This should create an icon on the desktop. Works in Vista so assume same applies in W7.

  Bris 16 Feb 13

Oh and if you want to pin it to the start menu, right click on the shortcut just created and click on "pin to start menu".

There is no need to do a restore, you can recover it by clicking on start>all programs, locate it then right click on it and click on "pin to start menu"

  Channel 16 Feb 13

Thanks both for trying-but,right click only gives options to open/close program or unpin it.As I said, Live Mail doesn't appear in my Start Menu for some reason, so I can only open it by clicking the Taskbar icon.

  Secret-Squirrel 16 Feb 13

" but it doesn't appear either in the Start Menu....."

That's odd. What happens when you click the Start button and immediately start typing "windows live"? The program you're looking for should instantly appear at the top of the list before you even finish typing its name. If that works for you then you can right-click it and choose "Send To" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)".

If that doesn't work then open "Computer" and navigate to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Mail folder. Locate the file called wlmail and send it to the Desktop as per the instructions above. Finally, close that folder window, go to your Desktop and right-click that shortcut you just created and rename it to "Windows Live Mail" (although you can name anything you like).

  Channel 16 Feb 13

Thank you, Secret-Squirrel.Success.I typed Windows Live as you suggested,right-clicked, and sent it to my Desktop.From there, I've also pinned it to the Start Menu.


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