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Little help please?

  vinnyo123 21:56 10 Dec 04

Can I get alittle advise on this layout I am doing on this site.What I am trying to do is get the to pictures to fit snug(perfect in there cells but I cannot do it because of different resolutions of users.

I just got my hands on mos of the Macromedias I guess this will work great for this but the learning curve looks steep. Any advise will be greatful ?

click here

  vinnyo123 22:54 10 Dec 04

still need help with top pic,everything else seems to be working at different resolutions.

thanks for any input

  Forum Editor 23:37 10 Dec 04

which will ensure that the table shrinks or expands as the size of the browser window changes:-



Is that what you meant?

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:33 11 Dec 04

will expand, but the image will remain the same size on a large window.

  vinnyo123 03:49 11 Dec 04


yes I made this adjustment but then I get a double image when table expands any way around this?"using as backgroundimage.

  vinnyo123 04:00 11 Dec 04

Sorry for the confusion,take a peek I am trying to get top pic to fit nice on different resolutions.Trying to get it to fit tight in that cell everything else seems good at different res. settings.

  Forum Editor 08:40 11 Dec 04

that you split the top cell into two columns. Put the image in the left-hand column and set your width.

You haven't asked, but may I comment on a couple of other things?

1. Because you've set the background individually, cell by cell, it looks odd. Why don't you try setting the background for the page and set the table to "use background picture" in FrontPage? That way you'll have a nice smooth, even background across all the cells.

2. The fonts appear to be a mixture - the page would look much better with just two, or even one font. Try using web-friendly fonts, so they'll display in all browsers. If you use a font that isn't installed on all computers the browser will default to Times New Roman, and that may spoil the look of your pages. If you want to be really safe, use Verdana, Arial or Times New Roman. My personal favourite for easy-reading and neat appearance is Verdana.

If you want a fancy font for headings etc. the trick is to create the text as a graphic. That way you can do what you like and be sure that the results will appear identically in all browsers on all computers.

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