Little boxes keep appearing ?

  Derek 06:50 27 Sep 07

...and I forget how to get rid of them.

When I go near a folder, a little box appears telling me the obvious and I've forgotten how to stop them. Please advise me. Derek Miles.

  Technotiger 07:49 27 Sep 07

More information needed - what OS? what do you mean 'when I go near a folder'? What message do you get?

  Graham. 08:37 27 Sep 07

Do you mean the Information pop-up giving file size, type, etc?

  Graham. 08:42 27 Sep 07

Control Panel, Folder Options, View, Show pop-up description...

  Graham. 08:44 27 Sep 07

'Remember each folder's...'

  Derek 09:05 27 Sep 07

Thank you Graham, you cracked wonder I counldn't find it ! Thanks again.

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