Lite on query

  eedcam 16:31 22 Sep 10

Just been given a couple of dvd-r went to burn with imgburn and says no can do incompatible format .Just noticed the discs have Lite on record on the label .Does this need a special Writer or is there a workaround thanks

  MAJ 16:35 22 Sep 10

Did it say all that without punctuation, eedcam? ;) Are the DVD-Rs blank?

  eedcam 16:49 22 Sep 10

Hi Maj Imgburn reads the disc and says empty on checking imgburns capabilities Lightscribe is un ticked might that be the prob?

  eedcam 16:58 22 Sep 10

Its \ aBummer on closer look it says Life on record on the disc of to google for now

  Strawballs 21:48 22 Sep 10

Liteon is a make of optical drive they could just be disc that were supplied with a drive.

  eedcam 22:01 22 Sep 10

Hi David yes Tiz I they are tdk Life opn record it looks asif its just a case of my drive does not like them .Fortunately they are not mine
Strawballs sorry the lite on was mistake on my part though probably intentiomal by TDK not much difference between a t and an f in small print on a disc. should have gone to specsavers

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