lite-on dvdrw sosw-833s

  cheechman 12:33 01 Jul 06

I've got a large file which I want to put on to DVD so I purchased some RiVision DVD+R DL DVD's. But when using Clone DVD it keeps asking for a writable disc to be inserted. Similar happens when using Nero.

I thought this was a Dual Layer DVD and therefore able to accept DVD+ and DVD-. Used normal size DVD-R without problems in past. Have I got it wrong?

  Stuartli 13:13 01 Jul 06

Dual layer and DVD+R/DVD-R are two different things.

You need to look at the spec for your drive to see what disks it will write to - you are/appear to be confusing formats with features.

  cheechman 13:20 01 Jul 06

Sorry I meant to say Double layer.

I've looked at this and a few others an I thought this meant it accepted both DVD+R and DVD-R.

click here

  Stuartli 13:21 01 Jul 06

Dual and double mean the same thing in this instance...:-)

  Stuartli 13:21 01 Jul 06

Dual and double mean the same thing in this instance...:-)

  Stuartli 13:24 01 Jul 06

According to the spec it is a double layer DVD+R capable drive.

Try another brand of blank disks; also check that you have a suitable version of Nero and whether there are any firmware updates for the drive.

  SANTOS7 13:25 01 Jul 06

click here

it does, funny tho' this site does not say it supports +R DL

  vinnyT 16:06 01 Jul 06

This Dual Drive can support all of the fastest DVD recordable media: write DVD+R media at 8X, write DVD-R media at 8X, rewrite DVD+RW media at 4X, rewrite DVD-RW media at 4X, read DVD-ROM media at 8X and write DVD+R Double Layer writing at 2.4X. From click here

  cheechman 19:19 01 Jul 06

Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately I bought a pack of DVD+R DL DVDs so will get a couple of single ones.

Will try firmware updates or try contacting the manufacturer.

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