Lite-on CD-Wtr Drive Model No LTR 24103s

  Giggle n' Bits 22:31 26 Apr 03

I have a second hand machine and it has the above drive fitted using a 80pin ribbon cable slaved of the HDD.

I want to change over the Liteon drive to my newer machine which is a ATA100 M/board.

Usuall I know that 40pin DVD or Wrtr Drives are used for connecting but this has a 80pin ribbon.

I notice on the model No ends in a S does this mean it is a SCSI Drive ? and this is the reason the drive is connecting on the older computer using a 80pin ribbon.

I can only find german websites and no details if this Liteon is IDE or SCSI.

Can anyone please help.

Also I know that on older motherboards 80pin cables are used to gain the advantage when using a ATA100 HDD on a ATA33/66 Motherboard. Would this be the reason for the 80pin ribbon cable ?

  LastChip 22:45 26 Apr 03

If you go into Device Manager, you should see whether you have any SCSI devices installed.

There is no difference in 40 or 80 strand cables as far as connection is concerned. The extra 40 strands on an 80 strand cable, are there to eliminate any cross track data leakage using the newer, faster devices. So, an 80 strand cable can be fitted to any computer. It maybe that's all there was available at the time!

  Giggle n' Bits 22:50 26 Apr 03

Sorry, been too many late nights. Will Do that.
Thank you LastChip, erhhh your not Woodchip's Big Brother are you ?

  LastChip 22:53 26 Apr 03


  clayton 23:19 26 Apr 03
  Giggle n' Bits 23:28 26 Apr 03

Just about managed to pick it from the Lingo!

For reff to other Forum people, its a EIDE Drive not a SCSI.

Thank you Clayton !.

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