Lip Sync Problem with Set Top Box to DVD recorder

  Emily79 16:22 20 Sep 07


I've just purchased a Samsung HDTV with freeview built in connected that to my DVD recorder and realised I couldn't watch any other channels, so purchased a Logik set top box to allow me to watch one channel and record off the STB.

It's all connected up finally!
Query one - sometimes the programmes I record from STB to DVD recorder play back , but have a major lip sync problem.
Does anyone know why please?

Query Two - if I want to record more than one thing whilst out - I set the timer on the STB for the different channels and then set my DVD recorder.
When I play back the STB has only recorded that one channel for all the different timings.
Any advice would me much appreciated please.

Many thanks

  eedcam 18:43 20 Sep 07

Lip sync some boxes are not as good as others but how have you split the arial between the two that could be a weak link if you have just split itI fedd a setop box reeevie dvd recorder and an tc card via an aerial amplifiers nevr any sync probs . Does your dvd recorder not have its own tuner if not does it have some sort of I-link setup where by the Stb should turn it on and off and you are setting the input to av 1 or something like that

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