Linuxs Install

  Dearersteak 19:41 06 Oct 03

Well, here i am... i am IN linuxs! I've booted from the Knoppix Cd, and am now looking to plant it onto the partition i made on my slave hard drive! My leacturer from collage gave me detailed instructions on what to do, but i got home, and gave it a try, and i've stumbled.

Basicly, i was ment to go into the Shell konslue, and enter, Knx-hdinstall. And from there on wards, it was a easy was self explanatry. Only, unpon entering this commmand, i just recived the message, bash: /usr/local/bin/knx-hdinstall: permission denied

Any idea's as to whats wrong, and how i get around it?

Cheers all!

  powerless 19:44 06 Oct 03

Well on Mandrake you have to type:


then your password.

To run anything really that will alter linux.

  Dearersteak 19:48 06 Oct 03

so where do i to type this in?

  Dearersteak 19:49 06 Oct 03


  powerless 19:50 06 Oct 03

Full house?

  Dearersteak 20:03 06 Oct 03

Almost!... I've now managed to set up my partitions. I've made a 1Gig swap file, and have the remaining 19Gig to put linux on, But, once i leave the partition program, it then ask if i want to use the partition (that i set aside for the swap file) for the swap file, so i click yes, it then says its creating the swap file, when, i get a error message that reads...."An error occurred while setting up swap. Some messages from mkswap: mkswap: swap area needs to be at least 40kB Usage: mkswap [-c] [-v0|-v1] [-pPAGESZ] /dev/name [blocks]"

Mean anything?

  powerless 20:09 06 Oct 03

no :-(

  Dearersteak 20:16 06 Oct 03

Ah... Right,... ok... well,... i'l think i'll have to give up for now, and have a word with my lecturer tomorrow! Might even take my base unit in and let him have a crack! ok, well, in the mean time, i'll boot myself back into Xp...

But i'll leave this tread open, and let u know what happens!

Thanks for the help Powerless! ;-)

  woodchip 20:38 06 Oct 03

Yes you are trying to setup Linux completely in the swap file and it cannot create one big enough. A swap file within a swap file that's a new one.

  Dearersteak 11:04 08 Oct 03

Ok, well, came back to it yesterday, and hip hip haray, it installed! Next question...

When i boot, i get a red windows, asking me to either boot to Linux, WinNT hd1, or WinNT hd1.

1st, is there any way of getting Xp toi the top of that list? so after 10 seconds, it would go into windows automaticly?

And seconed, Why are there two WinNT's? A friend of mine has been doing extactly the same with Linux, and he has extactly the same problem!

Any ideas?

  dth 12:45 08 Oct 03

There will be a configeration setting (under something like control pannel / boot options / system settings). Once you find the right tab - you can alter the settings so that Windows is the deafault boot and remove the second reference to Windows.

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