Linux from USB stick

  canarieslover 29 Apr 11

I have been bought an Acer Aspire D255 netbook and I want to be able to try Ubuntu Linux on it. I have a spare 4Gb USB stick which I have put Ubuntu netbook on. I did this with Universal usb boot installer and the Ubuntu iso file. On my desktop it boots without a problem, but the net book starts to boot with it and then stops. I know the iso file is O.K. as I have also burnt it to CD and used that with external CD drive to boot the netbook without problems. How do I fool the Bios into accepting the USB stick as either an external CD drive or USB hard drive? I don't want to go down the route of dual booting just yet as it is only a week old and I want to wait until it has proved that it is likely to outlast the warranty until I really commit myself.

  robin_x 29 Apr 11

At least one other person found that trying with a different flash drive works.

link text

I have various flash cards and it's always hit and miss on my laptop's 3 USB ports. Although I would expect if it started to use one, it would continue.

Or you could try making the flash drive with 'unetbootin' instead of USB installer or use a different version Ubuntu or distro eg Mint or Puppy.

  canarieslover 29 Apr 11

Thanks robinofloxley. I had spent a long time on Google and not seen that advice. Now using a Corsair stick with no problems. Using Ubuntu on my netbook to reply to you now.

  robin_x 29 Apr 11

Wow. That was nice and easy for once. Jolly good.


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