LINUX Red hat- modem

  algernonymous 21:43 23 Jun 04

How do you get the modem to dial up? In windoze, I click on IE and up comes the 'Connect' window. When I do the same in RH, I get the browser window come up, but its not connecting. It even shows as online in the bottom right-hand corner of the window even though I haven't got the modem cable plugged in! The modem wasn't found during install, so I'm trying to use a generic driver. As you may have gathered, I'm new to linux, but would really like to use it.

  Chegs ® 22:56 23 Jun 04

What kind of modem is it?If its in need of a driver,then its gonna be hard work(but possible)I did it the easy way,I bought a modem/router as cfg'ing linux to use the NIC was really easy,whereas getting my previous ADSL PCI cards driver to work proved impossible as I never fully altered everything(filewise)The nearest I got to it going online was me finally getting linux to attempt to initiate the modem,and my ISP's server rejecting it(incorrect username/password)

  algernonymous 10:25 24 Jun 04

It's an intel 537. I tried lindows some while back, that recognised the modem and installed driver and I recall it also dialled up but it didn't connect to net. (Maybe the same reason as yours, I can't remember, I just gave up!) I may have configured the generic driver incorrectly, I'm not a techie so was just going through using defaults where I wasn't sure(!). Anyway, must go, going away for a few days. Cheers.

  algernonymous 10:30 24 Jun 04

Just read my last posting, my bit about configuring modem was on this latest attempt, not lindows.

  dth 10:33 24 Jun 04

The Intel website has a Linux driver
for this modem at:-

click here*&submit=Go%21

  algernonymous 12:26 30 Jun 04

Thanks dth, there are 2 red hat drivers there, for 'symmetric multiprocessor' or 'uni-processor', would you know how I find out which one I need?

  dth 16:28 30 Jun 04


  algernonymous 17:24 30 Jun 04

Thanks. The problem I'm having is I keep getting the 'no modem detected' box.

  algernonymous 22:46 30 Jun 04

Maybe I'll try Mandrake...?

  algernonymous 22:53 30 Jun 04

I've got a load of different internal modems, are there any makes that work better than others?

  dth 20:15 01 Jul 04

The recent versions of Suse (9.1 and 9.0) claim to work with up to about 75% of winmodems.

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