Linux or Linux??

  Mark10 17:46 28 Nov 05

Hello all, here is a sad question. I have just installed my first ever Linux OS, dual booting with windows and was feeling very pleased with myself. It was then that my son came to look and pronounced the name different to me. I have allways called it LINE-UX as in a football linesman, where as he calls it LYNNE-UX as in the girls name. I know I really should get a life but is it LINEUX or LYNNEUX???

  phono 17:51 28 Nov 05

I have always pronounced like you but I have heard quite a few using your son's version, sorry I can't help confirm which way it should be pronounced.

  SANTOS7 18:09 28 Nov 05

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No need to get a life matey, there's whole discusions on the subject,good luck...

  Chegs ®™ 18:51 28 Nov 05

I would go with the originators pronunciation,as in "Linn-Ucks" only several of my mates insist its "line-ucks" so who's right. ;-)

Personally,I don't care how it gets uttered as any sentence that includes it also usually contains so much technobabble that I'm left gobsmacked. ;-)

  bremner 18:51 28 Nov 05

The reality of course is it doesn't matter but there are other obvious examples of the same type of issue.

Routers: Is it: route-er or rout-er

Data: Is it daaa-ta or date-a

It does not seem to be a US - UK thing either as I have heard the various versions on both sides of the pond.

  mco 19:03 28 Nov 05

So it's not just me being ignorant then! I'd thought it was Line-ux until colleague pronounced it linnux and I worried that I might be making a fool of myself! I'll carry on using line-ux in that case.

  SANTOS7 19:05 28 Nov 05

If your still not sure, ask the Penguins!!!!!

  keewaa 19:10 28 Nov 05

You say pot a toe and I say pot ate o .....
Isn't it just uncle sam again ?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 19:50 28 Nov 05

why not ask the person who created it?

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  phono 00:09 29 Nov 05

What would he know about it? ;^))

  DieSse 00:37 29 Nov 05

The guy who originated it is called Linus Torvalds, and it stands for LINUs miniX (Minix - a version of Unix). His name is pronounced "Linn-us" - so it has to be "Linn-ux".

No self respecting Linux geek would pronounce it "Line-ux".

He's Finnish - so it's nothing to do with *uncle sam*.

And his wife is six-time Finnish Karate champion - so I'd get it right if I were you ;-))

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