linux installation

  conorgriffin 15:38 01 Nov 03

I installed red hat 9 on a my computer with the boot drive on my primary ide master and the swap and root on the secondary ide master, linux booted fine and worked with the GRUB boot loader. Then I installed xp professional on another partition on the primary ide master, now windows works fine but there's no option to load linux unless I use the boot disk for it. Any ideas how to get the boot loader to recognise both OS's?

  LastChip 15:51 01 Nov 03

Are you getting a bootloader at all, or is the machine just going straight into XP?

  conorgriffin 15:52 01 Nov 03

straight to xp

  LastChip 16:00 01 Nov 03

I think what has happened, is XP cannot recognise the file system used by Linux, so when you loaded XP, as far as it was concerned, no other operating system existed. Therefore, it did not (could not) configure for a dual boot.

If you had loaded the operating systems the other way around, GRUB would have recognized XP, and configured accordingly.

The only way I know of is to reinstall Linux, as both these systems write to the boot sector of your hard drive. There may be another option, but I don't know of it!

Alternatively, you could try a search for a third party boot manager, that is capable of recognizing both systems and install that.

  conorgriffin 16:10 01 Nov 03

When I installed xp it recognised that there was another operating system on the other partitions but said it would render the partitions inactive, I think I can change these to active partitions in disk management but not too sure if this is likely to really mess things up

  LastChip 16:22 01 Nov 03

Do you have more than one hard drive?

Where have you got Linux installed?

  conorgriffin 12:19 02 Nov 03

check the first post for where I have linux installed plz

  conorgriffin 12:20 02 Nov 03

2 physical drives

  Tesman 13:02 02 Nov 03

Boot into Red Hat with your boot disk, and open a terminal. Type "su" (without the quotes), enter your root password, and type the command:-

/sbin/grub-install /dev/hda

This should reinstall GRUB for you - as LastChip has suggested, Windows cannot recognise Linux, and has simply overwritten the mbr.

  oglemire 14:27 02 Nov 03

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