Linux floppy boot disk- make a copy????

  machow 15:54 08 Apr 04


This is probably a stupid question. I have now installed suse linux on my pc, and i boot to it using a floppy disk. I realise these arent that reliable due to corruption etc, so i want to make a copy on a cd. or even another floppy. Only thing is when i go to view the contents of the floppy, its empty. I have only viewed it whilst in Windows XP. Is this why it appears this way???

Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance

  ericmax 16:16 08 Apr 04

Go into the YAST control centre in suse and look for the bootloader options,choose to install the bootloader on fd0,it will tell you to put a floppy in the drive and then it will make one for you.

  machow 21:08 12 Apr 04

Thanks for your reply. Will it allow me to make a cd copy?

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