Linux Distribution

  Powersurf 10:41 03 May 06

I know there are sites that will send me a free cd of their linux system. Can anyone post any website i can do this. I am a beginner to linux so i want a few different types?

  ashdav 10:46 03 May 06
  Taff™ 10:47 03 May 06

click here click here I would suggest you download a couple to start off with - I`ve used Knoppix and would reccommend it.

  DieSse 10:49 03 May 06

If you're on Broadband, you can download them. Overnight I usually do it.

There are two types of distribution normally - what is called a "Live CD" - this enables you to run it entirely from the CD without affacting anything in your system at all.

And a full CD which you can install.

My suggestions as to the best to try first - Xandros - Ubuntu or Kubuntu (different desktop software - Ubuntu is Gnome - Kubuntu is KDE). There are many other however, and it would be a good idea to trawl around the main Linux sites for more info.

If you want a plug and go operation much like Windows - then I would recommend Xandros as a first try. Xandros can install automatically - will probably find most of your hardware right away - partions your hard drive and sets up dual boot with Windows - and allows you access to all your data stored in Windows. Bascically it just works.

  Skills 11:27 03 May 06

If you would like a copy of ubuntu both live and install CD then I can post you one. If you send me your details via the yellow envelope Ill get it in the post for ya.

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