Linux as a backup.

  fourjays 12:45 10 Oct 04

I have now seen on another computer magazine, and on their own website, that Suse Linux 9 is being offered for free as an iso CD image. The idea being as a safe back-up for when Windows gets attacked by 'script kiddies' as they called them. I am wondering if it is worth getting it for that reason. I have heard people say before they have Linux installed, for the purpose so that if a new Windows security hole is discovered, they can switch to Linux, safely download the patch, and then go back to Win without any possible security issues. I know I have had a couple of instances where a virus cannot be removed because the virus stops windows based AV's from removing it.

Please let me know if it is worth thinking about getting it, especially as it is free.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:28 26 Oct 04

you can buy a live CD for £1.50 from the linux store,this means you can run linux with out having to install anything,this is great becouse if you system fell due to un reliable windows then you can turn to linux,there is gnoppix and knoppix both simialar,but you make the choice there both 1.50 so if you wan't a backup oprating system then you can use this?click here cheers.ben

  Valvegrid 09:31 26 Oct 04

I run Linux all the time. I do have Windows on another partition, but never use it for the Internet.

  dagwoood 13:13 26 Oct 04

From my recent personal experience, I'd say YES.

XP has gone belly up on my system(getting it sorted tomorrow)and I'm currently using a Live CD distribution of Linux to access the internet.

BIG Ben strikes 10 again!'s link is a good one, but if your on broadband you can download different versions and just burn them to cd, have a look here click here

I downloaded Feather Linux just to have a play(about a 60MB download)and it's been a god send as at least I can access the internet, even though windows installation is knackered.

Hope this helps, dagwoood.

  alan227 13:34 26 Oct 04

If you have got broadband this is the latest SuSe live cd downloads.

click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:42 27 Oct 04

thanks dagwoood,exactly my point,i might install linux properly on my computer,also my brother wan'ts to build his computer but he wants to graduallly build it,hell have his case,motherboard kit, a 2.1gb harddisk and 2 cd rom drives and a floppy drive,which won't cost him much then he will have a live cd to boot from and he can gradually build it.good linux.

  mark2 16:12 27 Oct 04

but still a way to access the internet, explore your HDD's, run A/V etc, in a familiar windows environment.

But you do have to assemble and burn your own CD

  mark2 16:12 27 Oct 04


click here

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