linux 10.1

can anyone help completely mucked up my operating system I've managed to wipe my oem windows xp fom my disk and can't get it back or load linux

  mac75 14:32 14 May 05

have you tried setting your bios to boot from cd, and boot with your xp disk in the drive? you might have to re-format the drive,if there is no option to repair os.


  dth 17:32 17 May 05

As mac says you can try booting from your Windows XP disc and using the repair option.

Is it the start up setting that have been damaged with Linux? What have you actually done and what happens when you start up your p/c. The more information and detail - that you can give the more chance there will be of someone being able to help you.

  God Doesn't Play Dice 17:45 17 May 05

Sorry to butt in but wouldn't it be likely that if it was an oem version then the manufacturer of his pc would not have provided him with a full version of xp on a disc. More likely they would have given him say a cd wth files on so that when booted from they would restore his pc from current files on his hard disk. But because his hard drive has been wiped clean then when he boots from the disc it cant find the filesd so can't restore the computer to its' original factory state.

Just a guess. Probably wrong though :)

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