linksys wireless router

  bigyin20 22:56 30 Nov 07

I have just installed my wireless router onto my main system(upstairs). I have also set up my other system it is showing that it is connected with a strong singal but every time that i try and connect to internet windows explorer page appears and is unable to connect. this is happening on both systems. Please can someone with the knowledge help please.

  Migwell 23:25 30 Nov 07

Give Linksys a ring, they are the most helpful help team I have ever come across. At one time when I was having big problems they tried all sorts of things to fix my connection and would not give up until it was up and running, even though it took close to three hours. When you think that it was a free call to India at length of time I call that dedication!

The number to ring is: 08000261418 then choose 1 for Lynksys when the auto operator asks you to do so. I know you will be as pleased with the results of this as I was.

Good luck Migwell

  Halmer 13:38 01 Dec 07


  Halmer 13:41 01 Dec 07

into your browser and check the settings (password etc).

The passwords to access this are usually admin and admin

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