Linksys out, Netgear in. Or is it????

  Picklefactory 16:28 13 Aug 07

After no end of grief with my, now 2nd, Linksys WAG354G wireless router, I'm planning on trying a Netgear router. My question is, I have a Linksys wireless PCI adapter in my desktop pc, would anyone invisage any issues using the Netgear router with the Linksys adapter?

  Head hurts 16:54 13 Aug 07

i have a netgear dg834pn it works fine with all the usb adapters and cards tried so i can recommend this item

  Dipso 17:32 13 Aug 07

Currently none of my adapters are of the same brand as my router plus I have tried 3 different brand routers in the last couple of months and all were compatible.

I had one issue with a Netgear DG834N which wouldn't accept a 63 digit WPA key for the wireless, reduced the key to 35 digits and it allowed the connections.

  Picklefactory 20:43 13 Aug 07

Thanks folks, that answers my question perfectly

  Picklefactory 20:48 13 Aug 07

PS Dipso, you gave me loads of great advice when I had issues with internal adsl router which gave me great education and convinced me to go wireless, unfortunately, this damned Linksys heap of junk is what I chose. Doh! Still, grateful for all the advice though.

  Dipso 22:45 13 Aug 07

Never used Linksys myself...installed a stand alone router for my parents cable but that's about it.

There are many Netgears to choose from. I wouldn't recommend the DG834G for ADSL Max...many find them trouble free but I had issues with mine after upgrading.

I've had success with a Speedtouch 585v6 a Speedtouch 780WL both are very stable and work well on long lines, a BT Business Hub also stable on long lines but not so freely available unfortunately, got mine new from Ebay and more recently the Netgear DG834N which can be a bit pricey as it's the latest of the range.

Post back when you've decided which you're going for.

  setecio 23:11 14 Aug 07

Which version of the DG834G did you have trouble with Dipso, as the current version is v3, was it v1 or v2 ?

  Dipso 23:23 14 Aug 07 be fair the issue I was having, fluctuating noise margin reporting, could have been resolved with v3 which I believe is based on a different chipset and uses separate firmware.

  Strawballs 22:39 15 Aug 07

Had my linksys 3 yrs now without problem, cable mind you wrt54g

  L8ian 02:07 17 Jun 08

There is no compatibility issues with netgear router and linksys adapter.

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