Linksys connection problems

  TickBox 12:54 22 Jun 08

I have a number of problems which may be related:
1) My Linksys WAG54GS sometimes does not connect me to my ISP (IDNET) and when it does the connection sometimes breaks. Physically handling the router can bring the connection back again! 2) Occasionally the red light appears and I have to go through the software installation again to get the router back up. 3) I recently bought a Dell machine which my daughter uses in an adjoining room and initially this connected fine to the wireless network but has since lost the connection and does not recognise the network. 4) I have tried to encrypt the network with little success but I'm not very technical so I may be doing something wrong.
Any advice would be welcome and if there are better routers I can use in conjunction with the Dell machine please let me know. Thanks in advance, Garce

  moore_mat 11:03 01 Jul 08

Hi TickBox

Unfortunately; it does sound like your router has bitten the dust.

These days; buying pretty much any router will get you connected. There aren't really any compatibility issues these days. It's only once you get to the more expensive "super fast" connections that you might experience compatibility problems.

In the past I've used Netgear, Linksys, DLink and Belkin and all of these brands have been reliable in recent history.

Have a look at a couple of these links to see a few of them for sale:-
click here

click here

As I mentioned earlier - personally I wouldn't go for any of the "N" standard super fast boxes; but any of the brands I mentioned before should do the trick nicely.

Best of luck - and let us know if you need any further help


  moore_mat 11:05 01 Jul 08

I've also just noticed this other post that might help:-

click here

Best regards


  ambra4 13:16 01 Jul 08

“Physically handling the router can bring the connection back again”

When you say Physically handling the router what do you mean?

Power off the router and back on

Play with the Ethernet and phone line cable

Drop it on the floor?

“Occasionally the red light appears and I have to go through the software installation again”

Have you power off the router and back on when the red light appears

Which red light the ASDL light

  TickBox 11:02 03 Jul 08

Thanks for the advise.
For ambra4:
the 'physical handling' was actually pressing the side of the box (which I did inadvertently and worked so repeated the process with occasional success). I also pulled out and reconnected all cables and switched off and powered up the router (with variable success);
The 'red light' referred to the internet light and re-installing the software was the only way of getting the connection;

I think I've fixed the problem from advise elsewhere. I went into the set up and changed the channel from 1 to 6. I don't know what this does but so far I've had no recurring problems and my daughters' pc picks up a strong signal again.

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