Links on websites not working in IE 6

  Al94 09:36 04 Aug 05

In the past couple of days I have noticed that if I click on links in websites such as "click here" in postings here or any links in the body of any webpage that they bring up just a blank explorer page with the "egg timer" beside the cursor but nothing happens. XP Pro SP2 and IE6. Any suggestions?

  rawprawn 09:43 04 Aug 05

click here seeif this helps.

  Al94 09:52 04 Aug 05

Thanks for that rawprawn - but "click here" doesn't work for me!!

  bosmere 09:55 04 Aug 05

Have you tried a repair?

Control Panel>Settings>Add/Remove Programs>highlight IE6>click>select repair.

  Al94 10:04 04 Aug 05

Thought of that Bosmere, have just done a system restore to three days ago which seems to have cured it - strange one which I have never encountered before. Thanks for the help.

  rawprawn 10:35 04 Aug 05

Please excuse my stupidity, I' glad you resolved the problem.

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