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  steven_frost 11 Jun 03

as most of you are aware i have been working on a site using FP2000.

i have one problem with my site i want to be able to display all the links but say on miss herne bay i want it to display the sub links IE the two princess

A, how do i do it
B, will i need to redo the site

also if FE is about his help would be great

  steven_frost 11 Jun 03

i keep on forgetting to add the link click here

thanks to all of you who have help and the end result should be done in about a week if all the information is forwarded to me

  slowhand_1000 11 Jun 03

Just looking at the site and this is only my personal view. I do think that it would be better if you had links to all main pages (like on your home page) on each page. It saves the visitor having to go back to Home page and then onto another section.

Regarding the sublinks, am I right in thinking that when your visitors click on 'Miss Herne Bay' link you want that page to have seperate links for 'Princess 1' and 'Princess 2' links you have there ?

  Forum Editor 11 Jun 03

now that you've applied a more appropriate theme.

If you want your navigation buttons to appear on each page (and I suggest that you do), you'll need to add the pages to the navigation structure.

Go to 'View' and select 'Navigation'. That'll open a view of the site showing the structure, and you'll probably just see the icon for 'Home'. Drag your pages from the folder view into the navigation view one by one. You'll see lines appear, linking the page to the home page. Make sure that all the pages are in a horizontal line under your homepage - all of them linking directly to it.

I have a few more comments, but I'm rushed off my feet at the moment. I'll try to revisit your thread later tonight, when the forum settles down a bit.

  User-312386 11 Jun 03

hi there

i see you want to make some more links

Now you could make your links look better than that in front page

i know you are on the learning curve here, but bear with me

In Front page there is an icon at the top that looks like a piece of paper with a cog on it. Click on that and then select "interactive button", select ok and then look down the list for which button you want to use.

next select the text then add the hyperlink below it. ie. http:// www . btinternet. com/ ~steven_frost / index.htm is your home page

i would avoid using spaces and capitals

site looking good though

  steven_frost 12 Jun 03

ok i've changed the Linking to the pages would like to hear any other comments

  User-312386 12 Jun 03
  User-312386 12 Jun 03

the webmaster link takes you back to the btopenworld site as well

  steven_frost 13 Jun 03

the email links are not yet up and running due to the fact that the site in under testing so i am using my own bt account to host it till the site is fully up and running then it will be going on to its on server

  steven_frost 13 Jun 03

the reason for two princess is the fact in a carnival court you have one queen and two princess so each girl will be getting her own page to the reason for two princess

  steven_frost 15 Jun 03

THanks to all who have helped but now seem to have stalled some what on ideas on how to improve the site.

I never knew how hard it is to create a site that reflected some thing that is already one of the best carnivals about in kent


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