kimosabi 21:15 25 Apr 03

Hi guys and girls

i seem to be having trouble when i click on any link all i get is a well i call it an egg timer and thats it i have to allt ctrl del to close ie so that i can do something else any idea's? an running winxp home 120 gig hd 256 ddr ram
regards kimosab
ps. this happened once before but i can't remember how i fixed i with your help

  VoG™ 01:40 26 Apr 03


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  kimosabi 16:43 29 Apr 03

I just knew you would be back with the answer
thanks again kimo
P.S would you know how to stop the user and password box comming up on startup its a bit annoying iknow i can cancell it but i would like to get rid of it
and thanks again

  Mozart 16:49 29 Apr 03

Not entirely sure about XP

But try something like:
Control Panel...USer and Passwords

Look arouund and somewhere there should be a checkbox labelled something like, User must enter a Username and Password.

Apologies if this doesnt work...good luck

  hugh-265156 17:45 29 Apr 03

go to control panel/user accounts click on your account and then remove my password you will be prompted to enter it do so then go to change the way users log on and off and tick the box that says use the welcome when you log on just click your name.but this means others can log on to your computer now.

  kimosabi 23:23 29 Apr 03

thanks guys you both pointed me on the the right track prob solved

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